About the Blogger
#Tokitechie’s blog about #Technology is a personal blog of Mark Angelo. He is a just a simple person who loves technology and Mathematics. Due to his passion in smartphone trends and mobile technology, he decided to write this blog to share his enthusiasm and knowledge about particular technology-related topics which are this blog’s main subject.

Blog's Inception 
The blogger started this blog in June 2014 to make the most of his idle time during his long hours of travel from home to work. He is residing in Santa Maria, Bulacan while working in Manila. The blogger is a hardworking and result-oriented person and he wanted every idle time should be used in a productive way.

About the content
The contents of this blog are mostly topics about smartphone technology. Significant news and reviews about other topics related to information technology are also discussed. Despite the blogger’s effort to make this blog error-free, it is inevitable that some grammatical errors may appear so please don't hesitate to inform the blogger if you find some errors. The blogger will be glad to make necessary corrections as soon as possible.

Updated: October 16,2014, 11:15pm